this place feels so unfamiliar
and yet I know it well
I think I used to belong here
but the only way I can tell
is that I miss you still
and I cannot find you here
you left me tattered and torn
just like that Spanish doll

(sweet spanish
sweet spanish... doll)

I went down to the alley way
(Sierra la Bonita)
and found that you were gone
Spanish doll: si nunca tes fueres (if you had never left)
you left no word no message
I still don't know what went wrong
Spanish doll: la grima (tears)
but now no matter where I go
I always seem to return
Spanish doll: busca me (find me)
to where you left me tattered and torn
Spanish doll: you so rompido mi muneca (I am torn my sweet doll)

just like that sweet spanish doll

(sweet spanish
sweet spanish...doll)

a memory guilded in red and gold
Spanish doll: del oro (of gold also pain)
beauty guarded and never sold
Spanish doll: cuida me (protect me)
I keep it with me wherever I go
and I love you still
no matter how a story will unfold
Spanish doll: requerda me (remember me)
you know I always will
have part of you here
in this souvenir
this sweet spanish doll

a stranger in this world without you
is all that I can ever be
all I know that's pure and clear
you left it with me here
in this souvenir
this sweet spanish doll

father: we hear of a lovely daughter, shot down in her mistaken< flight, unaware yet
how her life will be affected by this experience.

daughter: why is it a house of leaves?