Entertainment Weekly
#547/548 June 30/July 7, 2000
Page 90

The IT List


[photo credit: Abby E. Moskowitz; book photo credit: Anthony Verde]

AGE 34 WHY HIM? His debut novel, House of Leaves, is a grad student's dream and a typesetter's nightmare--a literary horror story wrapped up in meta-texts and scattered radically across 700 pages. WORK RITUAL "I would work on it in libraries, coffee shops, in my little garret.... You have to realize that you can write at any time, any place. I would just make sure that I was always writing and that ultimately the environment wasn't going to play that big a part." BIGGEST INSPIRATION Film theory. "I spent a good deal of time writing essays based on how the language of cinema--in terms of the way shots are paced, the way certain high angles, low angles, zooms, etc., create an emotional response in the viewer--could be applied textually. That gave me a basis from which to examine the construct of the whole thing." NEXT Danielewski's sister, the singer Poe, issues the concept album Haunted: Explorations 1-16 (Atlantic). "She's my only reader, so she's been reading this book for years, as I've been listening to her tracks for years... It's not a soundtrack for the book. It's a parallax view of the same history."