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Mark's official homepage is newly designed and beautifully put together. It has a wealth of info, multimedia, and a great discussion forum. Go there for a ton of insight!
UK site - contains the old site, with an updated audio page
House of - Dutch publisher De Bezige Bij

Unofficial sites

David's House of Leaves page - his visualizations of the house, links and more!
Jessie's page (archive)


Johnny Truant - UK band
The House of Leaves

Other MZD projects

Unpublished Works

Search for Mark's unpublished works through the Library of Congress's Copyright Catalog. For the geeks, the old telnet system is still available.


An action-adventure film written with Daniel Salzman. 1993 Variety article

"A Prediction" - by Wembley Ruse

Thanks to Tim Dube - about Poe

"A Rose is a Rose" and "Just One Minute Longer"

Songs written by Mark, covered by his sister Poe. "A Rose is a Rose" is available on the Lounge-A-Palooza compilation. The other song was only performed live once.

"The Most Wondrous Book Of All" - a riddle

Read a column written by MZD for the Winter 2000 edition of Bookforum magazine. Exclusively online on Exploration Z.

"All the Lights of Midnight" - short story

featured in Conjunctions Magazine #37

Gettysburg - movie

He's in it, but he won't tell us the details.

Derrida - movie

MZD worked as a jack-of-all-trades in this documentary about the philosopher. DVD now available in NTSC and PAL formats. Pic here.

"The Promise of Meaning" - short story

featured in Slake Issue #1

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