A Haunted House of Leaves Alternate Universe

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US versions

First edition

It really existed. Long gone now.

Second edition

Blue hardcover
Signed and unsigned copies that sold out very quickly.
Red hardcover
Signed and unsigned copies, a little easier to get ahold of.
Blue paperback
The most common version. The first printing included a blow-in card for Poe's album Haunted, and the pages tended to fall apart easily. With later printings, the cover art changed a few times, to include "National Bestseller" at the top front, and a red Poe ball on the back. It also added a page at the very front full of quotes from reviews.
Red paperback
The compass on the front cover is filled in red.
Full-color Remastered Edition
Now available in paperback and hardcover editions.  The intended parts are now in blue, red and purple.  The appendices include full color artwork.  There is a small hint of Only Revolutions as well.

Exploration Z Features

* The Four MZD Promotional Emails Read what MZD sent to his fans before House of Leaves was published.
* The First Page of hol.com V1 Exclusively online on Exploration Z
* Multimedia Exclusively online on Exploration Z
* Check out Random House's Reader's Guide to House of Leaves Exclusively online at Exploration Z
* The Idiot's Guide to House of Leaves A work in progress cracking the secrets of the novel. If you're curious about something check out this page! And don't worry, we won't spoil the novel for you, you'll have to work for the answers!
* Exploration Z's Borders Tour Coverage - Poe and MZD ventured forth across North America in support of House of Leaves and Haunted, find out where and when here!
* Once upon a time, Poe opened for Depeche Mode. Her brother performed with her. It was a brilliant piece of Non-Fiction.

International differences

Cover of a doorknob. Black and white edition. The check mark on page 97 is missing. Website was houseofleaves.co.uk, but the domain wasn't renewed. You can find its current home on the Links page. They changed the audio clips to RealAudio, and deleted the original places you could buy it online. You can see the original site here. Some of the graphics from it are scattered around this site. Hardcover edition is rare, limited to 200, supposedly all bought up by some bookseller in Australia.

Het Kaartenhuis came out rapidly after the US edition. De Walvisteen Brieven took a bit longer, and seems to be out of print. The Dutch website is still available and can be found on the Links page.

Translator claro made good use of houseofleaves.com's and Exploration Z's knowledge for his version, La Maison des feuilles. There are two versions of Les Lettres de Pelafina, one the size similar to The Whalestoe Letters, the newer version a "pocket book" version. The French website was cancelled, but there was some preliminary work done for it. Some French multimedia exclusive to Exploration Z can be found here.

This beautiful edition was initially reported by Mark himself to be in two volumes with full color and Braille plates. The released version simply has house in blue and is a bit longer than the English version. It can be ordered from amazon.co.jp.

It comes with a curious, bright cartoon cover, and Casa is black.  There are several fonts unique to this edition that are not used in the other versions of the novel.


Serbia and Montenegro

Current status unknown.


See the new Rocktoon by Tyler Martin, full-sized and untouched by logos, exclusively here! TyM@n has drawn Rocktoons of Poe and drew the comic book page seen in HOL. Blame Michele for harassing him to make a toon of blue-haired MZD with Poe!
Po-toon and Bro
Click the pic to see the full version. See TyM@n's other drawings at rocktoons.com.