Cool French House Of Leaves stuff!

Claro, who translated the book, was kind enough to send us a copy of La Maison des feuilles before it came out. Were we surprised to see this!

Right after we got it, we showed it off to MZD. His reaction was, "Where did you get this??!"

At that time, we were hanging out with our friend Bich Ngoc, and I was startled to see a different autograph on a particular page. Turns out that MZD had plans for the French edition way before it would be released. Before it came out, MZD had Bich Ngoc proofread the Vietnamese.

And finally, after the durn thing came out, the cover artist, Eric Scala, sent an autographed print.

Eric also sent us a little Shockwave file that he made for the French editor for an official site.

We got our Les Lettres de Pelafina signed at the SDSU reading.